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Help with getting a potential gig

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Help with getting a potential gig Empty Help with getting a potential gig

Post by PaisleyPeacock on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:13 pm

I stopped by a local shopping center to say hi and introduce myself, and mentioned that I had seen they would have a Santa, and wondered if maybe we could work together. They said they had very little marketing budget left for this event. I asked about PPF, and the lady lit up. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss if or how this would work.
Promising- they said very little budget, which is not the same thing as no budget.
Concerning- I'm meeting with the speciality leasing manager, so they might expect me to rent a space.
What are some things I should look out for tomorrow? What should I ask, and avoid asking? Should I paint myself before I go in? I am having trouble getting my name out in this area, and that would certainly put me in front of my target market! PPF is certainly not ideal, but I literally have nothing scheduled until mid-January right now.
How do I price for an unknown market?


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Help with getting a potential gig Empty Re: Help with getting a potential gig

Post by anniel on Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:13 pm

. I would be hesitant to rent a space personally on an unknown venture, explaining that you are not a vendor, but an entertainer. I would offer seasonally appropriate designs to complement their investment with Santa, (which, if things go well, you can switch out per event/season in the future).

I would offer that you carry your own insurance & can add them as additionally insured if they need you to

If that doesn't work--often malls have rules that give each store a certain outside footage for displays/whatever & if you can keep your setup to a small footprint, a store may allow you to pull business in for them by setting up to the side of their entrance. (Knowing there are other options helps you not feel desperate when you do the interview.)

Since you don't know how things will go, I would ask of them a minimum financial commitment, so that even if nothing happens, you have not wasted your time. You've covered your expenses.

What do you usually charge PPF? Remember, you can always decrease it, but it may be difficult to increase it. (You can always do freebies to get some on-site advertising going as well!)

Have fun!

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