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Cleaning Brushes

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Cleaning Brushes Empty Cleaning Brushes

Post by stunningaxis on Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:27 pm

What do you gals/guys do for cleaning brushes during a job?

I read a thread about using multiple cups of water. Right now I just have lots of brushes and usually just use one of each color so there is no mixing of paints. Do you gals clean your brushes after each person, and do you use the same brush with multiple colors?

What works best to get the paint off them - I find that when I do try to clean them I end up mixing colors when I use the brush on a new color. Any tips appreciated!


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Cleaning Brushes Empty Re: Cleaning Brushes

Post by jlirie on Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:53 am

people use different techniques depending on preference or health regulations (for example, Canadian face painters have stricter regs).

i use the technique you describe, dedicated brushes for many colors, plus a 2 cup rinse when needed. i figure face paints have antimicrobial ingredients and most people have good immune systems, so shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't paint kids who are sick or have cuts/sores.

some people use a water bin with a textured surface or insert on the bottom, to scrub the paint out of the bristles. or rub the bristles on the bottom of your container (but don't mash them) and swish vigorously in the water.

the 2 or 3 container system helps because the first rinse removes most of the paint, and the next clears out the residue.

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Cleaning Brushes Empty Re: Cleaning Brushes

Post by Tea on Mon May 28, 2018 7:38 pm

I bought a 3 slot kids paint rinsing bucket from a nearby dollar store. Cut a plastic mesh dish scrub in half, stuck half in each of the 1st two slots. Last slot won't need it because the brush should already be clean by then.

I've tried rinsing after every brush stroke, but it wastes paint, quickly muddies the water, and seriously messes with my painting time. Currently I rinse between colours/faces. For me it's a happy medium between paranoid over-sanitation and feeling like I'm smooshing germs around on everyone.

Honestly though, I've never picked up the day's paper and read the headline, "Local child DIES from face paint brush that was improperly rinsed."

Oh, a quick spray of 70% isopropyl and letting the brush air dry for a minute or so is great for sanitation. So there's another idea.

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Cleaning Brushes Empty Re: Cleaning Brushes

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