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New 6 Iwata Neo Airbrushes Used As Demos

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New 6 Iwata Neo Airbrushes Used As Demos Empty New 6 Iwata Neo Airbrushes Used As Demos

Post by Sweet Loretta on Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:44 pm

I have six Iwata Neo BCN Dual Action Siphon (bottom feed) airbrushes with 0.5 mm needle and tips for sale at cost plus shipping. These spray fine detail to a nice mediium pattern.

This is a steal.We thought we needed them and yet really did not. I commonly buy sets of 6 for big gigs and busy seasons when I need and extra seasonal artist then sell them. So here are my 2017 brushes. One is never used, two used for airbrush tattoos for about 3 hours, three used for about 5-10 minutes.

All used with European Body Art Endura makeup which sprays nicely with this brush. I have used Neos with VIBE and ProAiir all do will in this brush. All are clean and have original boxes. Some are without original cleaning bottle.

Prefer to sell all six as a set but will part out. Selling at cost. Six for $360 plus $10 shipping Priority Mail/Insured/Tracking $65 per brush plus $8 shipping

Email me direct
Sweet Loretta
Sweet Loretta

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