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New restaurant gig, and working for tips

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New restaurant gig, and working for tips Empty New restaurant gig, and working for tips

Post by PaisleyPeacock on Fri May 12, 2017 12:46 am

OMGOMGOMG!!! I just got a restaurant kids' night gig. I am super excited! It's only once a month, but I hope to up it to twice that or weekly. They're paying half my usual rate plus a meal, and I get to put out a tip jar. I am hoping they will put my website out on their email blast, too, so this is a WONDERFUL introduction to the area! I need advice on a couple of things.
Right now, I have a word board with about 25 suggestions on it. I think I would probably want fewer. Should I have photos? I wanted to paint the words so people could get an idea of the flavor of the design, but not enough to get me stuck into having to replicate the same lines in the same way each time. I thought maybe have just a couple of photos, but then I don't want people to think those are all I do.
Next, how to make money. I have a tip jar that works okay- I have a peacock theme, and my mascot sits on top of the jar labeled TIPS, which draws attention to it pretty well. I have seen people suggest using the word "donation" instead of "tips", but I honestly feel like that's deceptive. Donations are to charities, and I am not one. Since I'm in a restaurant with a bar, both of which are firmly part of the tipping culture, I think it ought to be okay, but I am very open to alternatives that work better. Also, how can I ask the restaurant to word their email blast in a way that implies that people should pay me? And how do I let people know how much they should give? Should they pay the same as they would if I was at a street fair, or am I giving discounts because I'm being otherwise half paid by the restaurant?
I think this could lead to great things. At the very least, free steak Smile All suggestions appreciated.


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New restaurant gig, and working for tips Empty Re: New restaurant gig, and working for tips

Post by w054amk on Fri May 12, 2017 10:32 am

When I first started out 8 years ago, I began painting at Buffalo Wild Wings twice a month. I would keep your names on the board until you can get a nice photo of everything that you have on there. Make sure that you get permission from their parents if you do take a picture, and let them know it could possibly be on the board in the future.

As far as payment goes, it sounds like you might be there for a while, and they are also letting you get a free meal, plus advertising for your area. It's perfectly fine that they pay you less than what your normal rate is. When people ask you about birthday parties and events, just tell them your rate per hour or child. I charge $50/hr and only once in 8 years has someone told me that that's too much.

Keep your tip jar out, you'll start getting regulars and they'll make sure that they're there when you are! The more popular you become there, the more tips you will get. Just remember, nobody is obligated to.

As far as the email blast goes, just have them put something in there that says 'ask about hiring our awesome facepainter!'. And charge them what you would normally charge (like at the street fair)

Make sure that you have business cards and plenty of them!! Put them somewhere where people can definitely see them. My business was BUILT off of painting there, and all from my work and passing out my business cards.

Good luck!! It'll be fun!


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New restaurant gig, and working for tips Empty Re: New restaurant gig, and working for tips

Post by jlirie on Mon May 15, 2017 3:03 pm

congratulations:) i'd go with word board with colors and flourishes that represent the designs, like you mentioned.

gives you flexibility to vary designs if several children want the same one, or if it's busy vs slow and you need to simplify, or have the luxury of adding more to the design.

also gives you flexibility to adapt designs if you find your original idea doesn't work out as well as you'd like, or you want to try a different version.


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New restaurant gig, and working for tips Empty Re: New restaurant gig, and working for tips

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