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Tag, You're It!! Oct-Nov 2015

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Tag, You're It!! Oct-Nov 2015 Empty Tag, You're It!! Oct-Nov 2015

Post by jlirie on Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:39 am

hey, peeps, wanna play tag again? let's start fresh, please sign up on a team. anyone want to suggest a couple themes to paint?

This is the premise of "Tag, You're It": The person before you on the list sends you a PM telling you what they want you to paint ...and you have two days to come up with it and post it.

We have two teams.
~When you are done with your painting, tag the next person on your team
~IF you want to play, just add your name to the bottom of one of the teams list (you don't have to ask to join) then repost the list with your name added.
~When you are tagged, you have 2 days to complete your design...if we don't hear from you, it goes to the next person on the list. (Your turn is forfeited and if you want to try again, you need to put your name on the bottom of one of the lists)
~When you complete your tag, remove your name from the list, PM the next person on the list with their assignment; you should also put the info in the thread so others know who's been tagged and what they are to paint.)

Please post your name as it appears under your avatar...if you shorten it, especially if you are new, by the time we get to your name we may not be able to find you on the memberlist if it is not EXACT!

So here are teams A and B:

Team A

Team B

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Tag, You're It!! Oct-Nov 2015 Empty Re: Tag, You're It!! Oct-Nov 2015

Post by PaolaSunglow on Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:11 am

Omg i am so sorry this never picked up!!

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