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First "official" festival

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First "official" festival Empty First "official" festival

Post by PaintedWingsandWishes on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:25 pm

First off, couldn't have done it without all the helpful info in this forum so thanks so much everyone!

The festival wasn't an ideal setup, but it wasn't too horrible of a deal for needing experience. I got a small compensation for four hours of work for a festival with about 8 face painters and one air brush artist. I found out I was actually paid a tidbit more because I mentioned the quality of paints I use. The face painting was supposed to be given "FREE" but we were allowed to accept tips. I did come to the festival and find out they are charging tickets for face painting at ridiculously small prices like $3. There was no set line and chaos and confusion ensued, but overall I ended up with a pretty large amount of tips so it was a really good day. The thing that saved me I think is that I posted a suggested tip rate at least $5, unless they really couldn't afford it, I had all five ranges *insert dance of joy*. I read all the tips and tricks on the forum so when I got there I felt really secure in that I had this in the bag. I was the only one prepared enough to really manage efficiency and professionalism. To be fair most were not professions, not at the rate they were offering, and were beauty school students. The only professional may have been the air brusher....which I am regretting not getting their information in hindsight. I maxed my top speeds in painting and surprised myself how my "on the fly" designs were actually coming out wonderfully! I kept everything sanitary and even paused for cleaning between kids and when the line slowed. Through the end of it I had some of them asking if I taught classes which certainly got me considering it. I think my area needs some more informed face painters. Haha I ended up advertising the FacePaintForumShop to everyone because I guess they haven't seen my paints before??? Rainbows are impressive Smile Overall, this was a great start and a good test run with my new setup!!

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First "official" festival Empty Re: First "official" festival

Post by jlirie on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:32 pm

sounds like you were well prepared! congratulations on managing everything successfully Smile

doesn't matter if someone is a beginner, people who offer goods and services in public should become familiar with the requirements of their trade beforehand.

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