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Prepping for an event

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Prepping for an event Empty Prepping for an event

Post by sarahkvotta on Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:26 am

What's your process when prepping for an event?

What do you wear?
What do you stock in your kit? Do you adjust your kit based on the party details?
Do you arrive early?
What's the one thing you never leave without?

I'm doing a few festivals and birthday parties this month. I don't have a whole lot for my new face painting adventure, so its good to hear what others use every day so I know what is truly necessary.

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Prepping for an event Empty Re: Prepping for an event

Post by Kris5115 on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:59 am

This is a pretty big question and many parts of it have been discussed in other threads. I would recommend a google search like this:
site:facepaintforum.com "festival set-up"
site:facepaintforum.com "booth"
site:facepaintforum.com "wear"

My kit is pretty self contained and doesn't change much from event to event. I might skip bringing a backup white and black to a short indoor party but would always bring them to summer outdoor and longer events.

I do update my display to have appropriate photos for the event. For example, an early July event would include all of my regular designs plus some patriotic designs. A fall event would include some harvest and Halloween designs, etc.

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Prepping for an event Empty Re: Prepping for an event

Post by missmolly on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:33 am

This is a really big question, prepare for a block of text! Please take a look at other places in the forum as every artist has a different set up and a different preference for how they work and prepare for events. This is my process, and feel free to take inspiration from it for your own preparation and set up.

I don't work at pay per face events, so my answers are based off what I take to sponsored corporate events and birthday parties. Hope they help!

What's your process for prepping for an event?

Everything gets cleaned, paints wiped, cases wiped down, plastic wrap that I line my cases with changed if it's particularly dirty, wiped if it's not, brushes are washed when I get home from an event, and the one's I've been using for practicing or any that look like they could use a second wash are cleaned and organized in my kit, I double check that all my stencils are clean, pack up my washed and dried sponges.

During the process of cleaning I do my own face paint design, or my own makeup and pin my hair up in a wig cap. Directions to the event are printed out, and directions to get home are written on them.

Everything then gets packed into a suitcase, depending on the event and the other services they've requested, I then go and pack up those.

After my bag is packed I get myself the rest of the way ready. This includes changing into my costume or my "uniform" brushing my teeth, applying lipstick if the costume requires it, and double checking that I have my keys and wallet.

What do you wear?

What the client wants. We offer costumes, so I either wear that, or I wear my "uniform" of a long colourful skirt and teal t-shirt with Kooky Clowns on it (made it myself with heat transfer vinyl, looks professional.) Sometimes for wedding events we are requested to wear formal attire. I always have my face painted with an eye design, or in costume make-up.

What do you stock in your kit?

I have two large metal laptop cases with 32g cakes and one half-sized one for split cakes. I carry wipes, a water container, q-tips in a container cut in half (for lipstick,) a tiny spray bottle, bottles of water (amount depends on type of event and duration,) holographic white glitter in a poofer bottle, a brush case with a inner pocket for my stencils, a plastic table cloth that I keep in a medium sized zip-top bag as I reuse it, half and quarter sponges, sponge dabbers, temporary tattoos and regular stickers, bobby pins, unscented hand sanitizer, and a tensor bandage.

Usually this is my standard kit that I bring to all events. I may add gems, liquid bling, or other embellishments depending on how much time I'll have per child to paint, what sorts of designs I'll be painting, the age of the children at the event, and the theme of the event.

I keep everything in a pink polka dot suitcase from Rockland. I bought it and a matching tote bag that I keep my balloons in online.

Do you arrive early?

I always arrive at least 5-10 minutes early, usually I plan to arrive 10-15mins early. Upon arrival I leisurely set up and start at the beginning of the booking time. I time things to end slightly before the booking time so I can pack up my bag and leave the event no more than 5 minutes after booking time ends.

I am currently taking public transit to most of my events, often I'll leave up to 20mins early to account for any delays on the buses. I rather walk very slowly from the bus stop for an extra 5mins (to meet my 10-15 reasonably early time mark) than risk being 5 minutes early due to a late bus.

We offer a magic show as well as face painting and/or balloon twisting services, so usually I do the service first, followed by the magic show, and I partially pack up the service (put my brushes away, close my laptop cases, I don't dump paint water or put away sponges) and do the show, then pack my bag up, empty paint water, and throw out trash afterwards.

What's the one thing you never leave without?

Business cards! I have some in my bag, in the pockets of my costume, and backup ones in my kit. Always easily accessible so as soon as someone asks for one I can have it in their hand.

Hopefully this all makes sense, I hope it helps in the sort of information you were looking for! Feel free to ask any questions if something is confusing. Of course this is just one way of doing it, and I'm sure after your first few events you'll figure out what set up and methods you prefer, and how you would like to expand your kit. I'm always looking at things to add to mine! Smile

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Prepping for an event Empty Re: Prepping for an event

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