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mixing up new colors

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mixing up new colors Empty mixing up new colors

Post by jlirie on Sat May 02, 2015 5:12 pm

if you ever want to mix up colors or different shades of colors, here are some things i've learned from trying it out -

don't mix more than 2 colors together, or it will get muddy. some colors have more than one pigment in them, and too many makes it brownish or greyish. ex. black can have blue and red tones in it.

you can get different shades by mixing different amounts of the 2 colors you are combining, or by mixing one color with various amounts of white or black.

some color combinations -

cherry red - red + a little pink
cherry pink - pink + little red
shell pink - pink + orange

light orange - orange + yellow or gold
golden yellow - yellow + a little orange

light green - green + yellow (not white, that makes pastel green)
aqua - blue + green

reddish purple - black + red (cool red, not orangey red)
aubergine/eggplant - more black + red
purple - blue + red

shades of brown - various amounts of orange + black (or blue, or green)
shades of grey - various amounts of black + white, or blue + orange, or several contrasting colors
flesh tones - various combinations of white, yellow, orange, brown, or black

pastel color - color + a little white
dark color - color + a little black

metallic - do not mix silver with a color to make it metallic, silver has grey in it and will make the color dull and greyish

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mixing up new colors Empty Re: mixing up new colors

Post by amylady222 on Sun May 03, 2015 10:31 am

I was wondering this myself the other day! Great information.
Thank you!

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mixing up new colors Empty Re: mixing up new colors

Post by colorfuzion_fp on Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:27 am

I always have trouble with making brown lol thank you for the tips. 😊

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mixing up new colors Empty Re: mixing up new colors

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