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new years eve event- outside!!

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new years eve event- outside!!  Empty new years eve event- outside!!

Post by crysface on Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:31 pm

Hi everyone!

I have my first new years eve event tomorrow night and  I'm starting to panic!
I've been going though the posts all morning trying to gather some tips on how to survive painting in the cold.
So glad this forum is here Smile So far I've made a list of,
Blankets, warm water in thermos, hot paws for frozen fingers and toes.
The event is outside but only 2 hrs long, so I'm hoping I won't get too cold. pale lol...positive thinking, right?
Anyone have more tips and tricks? I'm worried the paint will be too cold on the kids faces or wont stick.
Also at a loss of what what to paint to celebrate New Years Eve other than the year 2015 and fireworks..

Thanks for any help Smile

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new years eve event- outside!!  Empty Re: new years eve event- outside!!

Post by fantasticalfaces.com on Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:11 pm

Hello crysface~

Being that I live in Minne"snow"ta, I understand all about painting in the cold... The hand & toe warmers are a lifesaver, they now even make body wraps of them too: which are soooo worth it. (I think you can find them for like $5 and they last for about 8 hours.)

I typically get some simple knit fingerless gloves (Like from the dollar store as they will get messy with paint) that I wear with the hand warmers in my palms for when I'm painting, but I also have a pair of fluffy warm mittens to put on top of them in the event I have a lull in painting.

I also use a tent, and from the top of the tent I hang a simple aluminum industrial/workshop lamp with a heat bulb in it. It helps to keep everything nice and cozy. (That is if you have electricity available?) Plus it adds extra light in case the event goes on into the evening.

Blankets are good, for both you and the customers. And I suggest lots of layers. It's easy to take things off if you get too warm; just not so easy if you don't have enough to put on if you get cold.

And pace yourself... Give yourself a 5-10 minute break to warm up every so often; perhaps every 15 kids or so. Kids & Parents will understand; just make sure you select a "last in line" before you take your break and have a sign that tells everyone when you will return so you don't get any upset kids.

As for themes, check out some of Shawna Del Real's work with masks; they are not only popular for Mardi Gras and Halloween, but great for New Year's too~ and she has some great festive pieces. Perhaps even come up with your own face painted version of 2015 sun glasses people will be sporting on New Years Eve in Times Square. Painted versions of the party hats and "Happy New Year" crowns people wear at parties, stars, glitter, confetti, even things you may see in a New Years Parade, such as huge inflatable balloons of famous characters, etc. would all tie in too.

Gosh~ I wish I was able to find a gig for New Year's Eve. All this brainstorming has me excited about all the possibilities. I wonder if I can get some of my friends to rent their kids to me for the evening... Smile

Best of luck with your event & I hope you keep warm, paint lots of faces ~ and have fun too!

Happy New Year~



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new years eve event- outside!!  Empty Re: new years eve event- outside!!

Post by fesspenter on Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:27 pm

Dear crysface:
I bought those cheapo gloves from the Dollarama, and I cut off the tips of the first two fingers and the thumb on the right hand, and I use those to paint.
The Hot Paws tucked into your palm or on the back of your hand.
I have hockey blankets to tuck our little clients into to keep them warm, too.
Bring a thermos of hot water to keep your paint water warmer.

If you start to get sleepy, and suddenly feel warm, you are dying of hypothermia. Do not do that.


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new years eve event- outside!!  Empty Re: new years eve event- outside!!

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