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costume and wig resources

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costume and wig resources Empty costume and wig resources

Post by Kasia Nowik Art on Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:54 pm

Hello everyone!

I was thinking for the holiday season to dress up like an elf while I paint and also was looking into a fairy princess costume for a future princess themed birthday party. Do you folks know of any good quality and not too expensive places to buy costumes, especially nice bright colored wigs? thanks for any input!
Kasia Nowik Art
Kasia Nowik Art

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costume and wig resources Empty Re: costume and wig resources

Post by missmolly on Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:21 pm

I find the best way for me to get costumes is to make them myself, however this isn't any cheaper than buying them from local costume stores ($30-50) but I find the quality far better.

However, understandably that's not an option for everyone. I use aliexpress for my wigs and have looked at costumes on there. You can pick up a snow white dress for $20 or less, I just recently bought Elsa and Rapunzel wigs their total cost was around $35 (all of the pricing I'm quoting is in Canadian dollars.) Almost all of the sellers have free shipping and neither my mother in law or me have encountered any customs/duty fees.

What's great about Aliexpress is that they offer buyer protection, ensuring that if the item you receive isn't to your expectation you have options to receive a full or partial refund, a new item sent to you, etc.

I definitely recommend that if you have sewing skills to make your own costumes, it's worth it in terms of the quality you receive for your money.

I have an elf costume planned out for the 2015 holiday season (currently I'm borrowing one,) that's a no-sew tutu, tons of instructions for making one are online, and a simple white fleece (so that it doesn't have to be hemmed) 3/4 sleeve top I'm drafting a pattern for based on a shirt I like the fit of. I'm cutting the edges of the fleece top into points and putting bells on it, and then using red and green felt to make a hat, shoe covers, and holly appliqu├ęs for the collar of my shirt. Feel free to use this idea, if you're interested I can provide more instruction on the pattern drafting and reference to the tutorials for the tutu construction.

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costume and wig resources Empty Re: costume and wig resources

Post by Forest-Fairy on Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:10 pm

I get my wigs here

EXCELLENT realistic quality. Nice and soft and thick.

Best prices for the quality too.

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costume and wig resources Empty Re: costume and wig resources

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