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Starter Glitter Tattoo Kit?

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Starter Glitter Tattoo Kit? Empty Starter Glitter Tattoo Kit?

Post by missmolly on Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:08 pm


I'm looking to add glitter tattoos to the list of services I provide, but I have some questions.

How do you charge? I mostly do parties, I'm thinking making up party packages

I also need to purchase a kit, I live in Canada so a Canadian supplier is a bonus. I was looking at the Faketoos site, love the designs, I think the prices are very reasonable and the shipping sounds like it shouldn't be too bad. How do you think their tattoos compare to other brands?

Puffer bottles or pots with brushes? I really like the sound of the puffer bottles vs the pots with a brush, I just feel like it would be less messy overall and not be as disastrous if it got knocked over.

How do you deal with the mess? Especially in a party environment where I'm usually in someone's home, what are strategies you use to prevent excess glitter from ending up everywhere?

Is it better to start out with a pre-made up kit? I don't think it would save me much money and I haven't found one that has everything I want. I suppose the issue if you don't is that you then have to find a storage solution for everything.

Thanks for your input Smile


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