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I did it - glitter tat kit came today!

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I did it - glitter tat kit came today! Empty I did it - glitter tat kit came today!

Post by LadySiren on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:49 am

So my starter kit came today and I did a glitter tat on my stepdaughter, followed by a mica on myself (harder than I expected, LOL). So far, I'm very pleased with the outcome. The glitter tat took about five minutes, mostly because I was overly cautious about making sure the stencil was stuck, etc. The mica tat took a bit longer, as I had my neck craned over while applying on my own arm.

I don't have a pic of my stepdaughter's glitter tat, since she was on her way out with her mom but here's my mica tat. I think I didn't use enough powder on the upper portion but I figure it was my first mica tat and I'll get the hang of it. On the upside? I'm pretty happy.

ETA: Sorry for the huge size here.

I did it - glitter tat kit came today! Dsc00212

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