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Favorite Paints by Brand/Color

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Favorite Paints by Brand/Color Empty Favorite Paints by Brand/Color

Post by Johnny5K on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:45 am

Hi All,

I've read a couple of different reviews and suggestions on different colors, but I don't think I've seen a comprehensive list of forum members' favorite colors by brand. (could've easily missed this - my search skills are pretty weak).

I bought a small 12 color DFX palette (10 grams) to start my foray into FP'ing, but found I don't like all the colors.  So when it eventually comes time to start replacing pots, I thought it'd be a good idea to lean on the experience of the people here to help guide me (and any other neophytes who might benefit from same advice Smile )

Not asking you to list something for every color - just the color/brands that REALLY stand out to you as a head above the rest.  I'm listing just the basic colors, but if you have strong thoughts on any other particular colors, those would be appreciate as well.

e.g. Tag Wine Berry:  LOVE the rich pigmentation on this - goes on super smooth and easily replaces black line work to give designs a girly yet sophisticated flair.


White -
Black -
Red -
Green -
Light Green -
Dark Blue -
Light Blue -
Purple -
Light Purple/Lilac -
Pink -
Brown -

Any and all feedback would be much appreciated!


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Favorite Paints by Brand/Color Empty Re: Favorite Paints by Brand/Color

Post by Laura-Lou on Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:37 am

I love my DFX white and black for line work and actually a snazaroo white for plain bases. I do have a DFX pearl white which I bought for bases but I'm not a fan.
I use Tag greens (and the teal is great), DFX metallic purple (my favourite) and I always reach for my Tag gold and pearl 'blush' (a pale shimmery pinky peach).

I know a lot of people talk about Paradise, kryolan, mehron, wolfe etc. but I can't get hold of them easily here so I've never tried them!

I rely pretty heavily on my split cakes and one strokes, I have a Tag split cake in 'golden plum' and 'pearl rainbow' which I love and I get through DFX mega melon like mad, I use one side for roses etc. and the other side for the leaves or any green one stroke. I love it because I feel like I get 2 one strokes for the price of 1!

My favourite one strokes are Tag's Dolphin (good old Elsa), I also like Tag's Dragon!

Writing this has made me realise how many paints, split cakes and one strokes that I have sitting around that I never really use!

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Favorite Paints by Brand/Color Empty Re: Favorite Paints by Brand/Color

Post by jlirie on Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:25 am

paradise brilliant argent - goes on and looks like liquid silver

paradise brilliant bleu bebe - beautiful metallic light turquoise blue

paradise brilliant vert bouteille - rich metallic green

wolfe black & white

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Favorite Paints by Brand/Color Empty Re: Favorite Paints by Brand/Color

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