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We are searching for an Artist Representative

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by Metina on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:16 am

Special assignment emailed to inquiries: January 3rd
FINAL DEADLINE for submissions: January 9th

Face Paint Forum Shop and FacePaintForum.com are searching for an artist representative(AR) to demonstrate our products on FaceBook and other social media, youtube, etc.… Demo products will be shipped free of charge to the AR and shop credit would also be extended per demo. We are still figuring out how this will work, but we are going to compensate you for your work.

Initially we will take on 3 AR’s, for a 3-month trial period, in hopes of finding the perfect one. After that period, we may choose to select only one, two or all three or may conduct a new search. We are looking for just the right fit for our companies and customers.

Requirements for selection:

1. Must be a professional face painter with a score of at least 7 or higher. 1 being a mom who never face painted before and a 10 being someone with 5 years of experience, teaching offers, their own face paint line etc….We are looking for a great face painter, but not a necessarily a well-known one.

2. Must not have a prior affiliation with any of our competitors. You are totally fine to shop where you wish, but you cannot have taught or represented any of our competitors in the past 12 months and cannot promote any other competitors while working with us.

3. Must be able to take high quality demo photos. These do not have to be professional photos and can even be taken on your cell phone. We all know the difference between that awesome close up, clear image that shows the colors brilliantly and all the details and the grainy image in a dark room with dirty clothes all over the floor—nothing a little practice won’t fix.

4. Must reside in the US unless you agree that you will cover a portion of the postage for the demo products.

5. Must be able to meet deadlines. When new product demos are needed, they will be needed within 1 week of product being sent out.

6. Ability to make high quality videos and your willingness to make the video. From time to time, we would like videos of the demos you do.

7. Must agree that all photos and videos are granted unlimited use on our websites, FaceBook, youtube.com etcetera from here to eternity. Once you accept product and/or shop credit for demo photos or videos, you are agreeing to allow us to use those even if our relationship ends.

8. Must be drama free and be able to conduct yourself professionally online. This means avoiding any spats in the numerous FaceBook groups out there. Opinions are fine, but we need to realize we can’t change people. So if you are on a constant endeavor to educate people on their shortcomings and how they can fix them, this probably isn’t for you.

9. Must be able to take constructive criticism. If a demo is just not the right fit for us and something needs to be altered, you need to be ok with this. Our goal is to let the artist have free reign in general and will give basic directions. But occasionally we may not feel the product given is highlighted properly and since this is the main goal, you will have to be ok with that.

How can I be considered for the FacePaintForumShop.com’s Artist Representative?

Submit the following to support@facepaintforumshop.com with the subject line Artist Representative Search.

1. 3 demos of 3 different products. Ideally 2 of them should be face paint and at least one should be a one-stroke. This is a total of only 3 demos required, but more are fine…no more than 5.

2. Contact us with interest for a specific demo assignment-we will work with the paint you have. This is to judge working with direction and deadlines.

3. A video demo of one of the 3 items from #1 or the special assignment from #2.

4. A sample of at least 2 one-stroke or rainbow cake color creations you have created. This design can be very simple. It is merely meant to showcase your talent to come up with great color combinations.

5. A short statement as to why you want to be selected and why you would make a great Artist Representative.

****Please read the requirements when submitting your items. You will be judged on photo, video and demo quality.

Please email us a support@facepaintforumshop.com with questions. Please think of all of your questions at once rather than 10 questions in 10 different emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to use brands you carry to demo the face painting? Yes, our en devour is to demonstrate our brands of face paint for our customers so that they will see them in action. We are not demoing designs, but the face paint itself.

2. When is the deadline? Basically till I find what I am looking for. But I hope to have 3 selected by January 10th. Really depends on how fast the artists are.

3. Are the first 3 pics just of our work. Yes, my thoughts are that most people are going to just grab 3 demos they have already done and sink themselves, so my thoughts were if I said do a vid of 1 of the 3, they might do a new one taking into account all the requirements and do the best job they could regarding taking good photos and such.

All photos submitted will be judged on photo quality as well. You might want to check out how Denise Cold, Cameron Garrett, Lisa Joy Young and Shawna Del Ray do photos. I don't think anyone has a fancy background, but the pics are really close up and sometimes have a solid background behind them. But yes, basically just face painting pics, but you would be judged on your photo quality as well.

4. How do I rate myself? You don't have to rate yourself. I was just trying to give folks an idea of what I am looking for. We need experience, but I don't require anyone who I pick to have taught or to be well-known in the industry.

5. How do I submit my entries? Once I have the emails of all those interested, I will send out a group email to all those who expressed interest in a few days. All entries materials must be sent in together, not one at a time.

6. Will I be going to conventions as the representative? You are more than welcome to attend conventions on your own as our representative, but this en devour is solely to obtain product demos and spread good will among the online community of face painting.

Face Paint Forum Shop
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Shipping from $3.99
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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by jlirie on Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:14 pm

great idea, metina. it will be great to have one source to find pics and videos of face paint brands and colors, as well as the techniques to make designs with them Smile

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by amylady222 on Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:27 pm

Fun! Wish I could apply, but I am at about a 2! Can't wait to see who you pick!

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Shout Out to the Face Paint Forum Shop & Artist Rep Search

Post by fantasticalfaces.com on Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:29 pm

Hello Metina~

Just wanted to share with you that I gave your Artist Rep search and your shop a shout out in my Daily Doodle tonight. If you're interested, just check out Daily Doodle #5 on my website Blog - I can't post website links here yet.Smile

Baubles, bangles, bubblegum & glitter galore~


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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by Krissiemarie on Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:52 pm

I wish I could do this, but I'm camera shy, well video camera shy. Though I fit the time, I've been doing this for 11 years now? I cant keep track. good luck with the search.

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by glamourdollz on Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:19 pm

How many entries did you end up with ?


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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by kj on Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:34 am

I wish I had tried out, I am very photogenic, and love facepainting myself

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

Post by ninaschau on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:11 pm

OOH, I missed the deadline. maybe you will have another search? although Ive only been painting faces 3 years.

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We are searching for an Artist Representative Empty Re: We are searching for an Artist Representative

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